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has just renewedly opened the last Oct. ‘17, under the historical base of ARITA DENTISTRY.
Iki means pep and Iki-Iki means pepping up strongly your whole body, not only your tooth.

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Preventive dental treatment is previously very important before your tooth would be cavity or periodental diseases.
We suggest you to consider our preventive treating program is well matching with an individual person.

Do you usually begin any of medical treatment for your suffering tooth right after you have toothache or bleeding?
Nobody like the dental treatment such as, to be scaled or to be resected any bad tooth.
By means of our preventive treatment on your cavities and periodontal diseases, before your tooth shows above said symptoms,
you’ll be able to keep healthy tooth even if you get on in years.


We are sure to say that there are so many sufferer
having the complain about headache, stiff shoulder,
dizziness, tinnitus, ache of jaw, lumbago, bruxism
and temporomandibular joint disorder,
by that reasons,in case bad occlusion,
those symptoms possibly bring you a bad influence
on your whole body, not only oral.


■Straighten with the tooth alignment■
IMVISALIGN is a kind of mouse-piece to be used for tooth alignment.
IMVISALIGN is not conspicuous one so that sufferer can get ideal tooth alignment during working at the same time, therefore, its user is recently increasing.
Such a superior treatment will be done by the certificated Doctor of us.


We are taking non-metal ?implant system because of it is implanted into surgical patient’s jaw.
Therefore, you’ll be able to choice the best material having high fusing character for the IMPLANT.
It is required safety-first, so the IMPLANT must be as one combined with your body.
Implant is one of the effective step to compensate for its lost function, in case of losing tooth by periodontal or an external injury.
For getting restration of proper occlusion back, instead of the lost tooth, it is suggested that implant with the artificial root into jawbone, and prepared artificial tooth may install on it.
In compare with a traditional popular method that is“bridgework or an artificial tooth”and“Implant”.
《The Implant Treatment》is an immovable type, no-unsteadiness, and thus it’s possible to get bite off power back just like your own former tooth.


■The director of our clinic■
Coping with many clinical departments, such as, oral hygiene, oral surgery, oral care and oral diseases,we are giving you a synthetic care and our dental clinic are contributing the everyone in the area of Tama-community.
“To examine your tooth for whole body condition, to examine your body health for tooth condition”are holding up as our motto and seeing from multiple points of consideration.
And we are doing the real best dental treatment for dental sufferers, from various points of view.
If you have any of worrisome point, please consult with us without any hesitation.

◇Director's brief personal record◇
・graduated from NAGASAKI national university
・applied kinesiology
・graduated LITHE, chiropractic school
・set up Hoh-Ei chiropractic clinic
・enrolled for the dental department, having interest in the relating of body-health and occlusion of teeth.
・Director of ARITA dentistry since 2008.
・then, director of TACHIKAWA Iki-Iki Dental Clinic opend end of the last year, Oct., ’17.

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■Please call us having no hesitation, for the below :

■Address of clinic: 4th. Floor, Noguchi Bldg.,
2-9-4 Akebono-cho, Tachikwa-city, Tokyo

・5min. walk from Tachikawa JR station for chuo line, nanbu line and oume line
・4min. walk from Tachikawa-kita station for monorail line